In his West Point speech, surrounded my flags and military decals like all good emperors, Obama seemed to go out of his way to defend US hegemony and imperialism over the globe. American “exceptionalism” too.

He dismissed the “realist” or non-interventionist critiques as remnants of an archaic past, bragged about how American missiles and tanks and bombs bring democracy (like the White Man’s Burden), and that any dissent from this is “weakness” and “retreat.”

Obama was and is the perfect face for the Empire. He came in at just the right time; people were fed up with the cowboy bellicosity of Dubya, and Obama stepped in for damage control.

He spoke with a different tongue, but it was still forked; drones and JSOC death squads replaced the all-out invasions, whistleblowers were persecuted and prosecuted, torture went underground, indefinite detention was written into law, Africa became the new battlefield.

And now Darth Vader is winding down his reign by reminding us that the bankrupt US Empire must nver be dismantled, singing hallelujah to the gods of military might, and putting faith on the utopian, permanent revolution of re-making the world with the right people pulling the triggers.

No thanks, Obama. You can have your empire. I hope it collapses onyour watch. I wish that you could possibly understand or even begin to empathize with the death and destruction that you have unleashed on the world.

The dictators you support, the banksters you bailout, the children that are burned to death on your orders. If there is any justice in the world, these ghosts will haunt you forever.

You can have your empire. We’ll keep our liberty, our rights, and the peace that we achieve through the mutual respect of those rights in the market order.