I swear I am going to tear all of my hair out the next time I hear someone drop the “check your privilege” line. It just drips and oozes with cultural Marxism, condescension, victimization, and is used by those who wish to justify the violent rule of society; by a select few pointing guns at the rest of us, barking orders, and treating us like chess pieces to achieve their egalitarian, nonsensical ends.

Davi Barker at The Daily Anarchist has some great questions for the “check your privilege” crowd:

So, next time you hear someone preaching the ideology of “privilege” casually suggest that they “check their obedient privilege.” How much higher is their income because they do what they are told? How many prison sentences have they avoided by doing what was legal, instead of what was right? How many of their fancy degrees were earned because they cowed to their pushy professors? How many advantages do they enjoy because they grovel for the State. And most importantly, how many of the liberties that they enjoy were won by rebels and criminals who disobeyed? It seems to me this is a far more accurate measure of privilege in society, so maybe it’s time for a little chastisement, and a little obedient guilt.