Congressman Eric Cantor, who represents all that is evil and corrupt in American politics, has been defeated in the GOP primaries in one of the biggest political upsets in modern history. Never has the House Majority whip ever lost in the primary, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Cantor lost to economics professor David Brat, and all I needed to know about Bratt is that he isn’t another damn lawyer so he definitely has that going for him. As far as the issues are concerned, Brat is excellent on guns, the NSA, the Federal Reserve, foreign policy, and seems to be genuinely libertarian on a range of important issues.

Brat seems to also be the hyper-religious, social conservative type, so only time will tell if he’ll be a Ron Paul/Justin Amash or a monster like Ted Cruz.

What is most interesting to me is that Brat ran on a very populist platform. He called out Cantor’s support and idolizing love for the state. On surveillance, war, bailouts, torture, the economy – hell, everything –  Cantor is your typical Republican: the ugly combination of socialism, fascism and arrogance.

Brat took it to Cantor in the heart of the Beltway, and won. Is this a sign that liberty is on the rise? Forgive me if I am not too optimistic. There truly is a huge difference between the conservatarian-fusion and the plum-line libertarianism I hold dear, and they aren’t tiny variations either. Brat seems to be very, very anti-immigration for one, and the only way to fund the massive state apparatus it takes to enforce “border security” is for Brat and the rest of Congress to point guns at our ribs.

Abortion and marriage issues come to mind as well.

But how can one not be happy that someone like Cantor is out of office? He deserves to rot in a Supermax prison like the rest of ’em.

In the end, I truly have no interest in the political process, elected officials, or their grandiose titles. I support the peaceful abolition of the US government – tomorrow. I hope that Brat’s victory doesn’t actually reinvigorate the myth of the state by bestowing some type of legitimacy into the minds of libertarian-minded folks that elected him. They will be disappointed, trust me.

But for now, it’s good riddance to Cantor. Ya, I know, he will probably find a nice, comfy corporate job lobbying to steal money from your wallet and into his, but this will undoubtedly let the War Party in DC know that people are indeed waking up.